A Chess Player’s Perspective

Fierce Competition, Strategy, Leadership, and Other things

“Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.” — Bobby Fischer.

The classical notion compares ‘Chess’ and ‘Business’ from a strategy and competition perspective. …

8 Valuable Lessons learned building my start-up

This part of the series is about having an eye for opportunities. You will learn what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the crowd and how they take a leap forward! Steve jobs called these people round pegs in the square hole. But do you need to be different…

How working at a start-up shaped my perspectives

My blog series is about my learning and experiences working for early-stage startups and entrepreneurship experiences and how it changed me as a professional. …

Thanks for the content!

At one point, someone called me a ‘Nerd.’ My first reaction was being a bit defensive about this remark, but then I learned that being one helped me in many ways. I am not saying socializing is not essential, nor am I saying that leave everything and be a nerd…

‘Raya The Last Dragon’

Give ‘them’ a second chance, and you will see the magic unfold

I have always been a fan of Disney movies, not just because of their technical sophistication and exciting characters, but because their stories always have a strong message.

‘Raya, The Last Dragon,’ is no exception!

There are no spoilers in this article! However, if you have watched the movie already…

Productivity hacks to get things done like a boss

That one notification on our phone can easily distract us. We touch our phones more than 100 times everyday. Dopamine!!

In our most crucial professional moments, we tend to lose focus from our important priorities, be it people or the task at hand. …

Abhay Paliwal

Product Specialist at Google (Los Angeles). He has 12 years of rich professional experience working for start-ups and silicon valley giants.

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